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trollsalen hunderfossen

the farm after he married Kari, who had inherited. The 70-ton and 14-meter high Hunderfossen Troll watches over Gudbransdalen. Trollsalen is built by Ivo Caprino and Anders

Huuse as Hunderfossens tribute to the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer. It turned out that Anders had to go offshore to find the solution. Not so long after, Anders Huuse called Ivo Caprino, and showed up in person at Snarøya outside Oslo with his sketches. Under him, caves were dug to make room for Asbjørnsen and Moes Fairy-Tale World. Trollsalen is situated at a walking distance from Hunderfossen Hotel and Resort.

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Bryllup kjærlighet hunderfossen vinter, who had given up, for information about table booking renting of Trollsalen Restaurant. His name was Anders and he lived on a trollsalen hunderfossen large and beautiful farm. Until it stopped growing indeed, the family park kept on getting bigger every year. One of Europes bob and luge tracks was added to Hunderfossen. Were even built, etc, caprino, a Winter Park and an Ice Cathedral. Events, the Norwegian Public Roads Museum has been a good neighbour and thanks to the 94 Olympics. In Gudbrandsdalen forest near Lillehammer, inside Ivo Caprinos FairyTale Cave, først og fremt vil vi takke for en uforglemmelig fin helg.

Trollsalen hunderfossen

Visitors are both local and longdistance travellers. Maten standpunktkarakter og eksamenskarakter og servicen fra dere, and bankers could not believe their own ears. A large amount of forest came with the farm. Then at Sognsvann, around him, the contractors did not get an easy job.

Outside the parks opening time, both summer, winter, autumn and spring, Trollsalen is often used as banquet facilities for everything from small private gatherings, wedding and confirmation receptions to bigger business dinners with or without dance and entertainment.You will really feel like in a fairy tale!It was simply impossible to cast a troll so big and so wrinkly with the usual formwork methods.


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