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won't know that they're Malylock until you see either a duplicate or a Blackwing Corruptor. A saving grace is that the matchup is somewhat draw dependent. You need

to draw into more burn to ensure that the Priest can't out-heal you with Justicar, Flash Heal, and Nova, when you go on the offensive. Kennst du Kartoffeln und Birnen zusammengekocht? This frees up a lot of your burn. Abuse their lack of healing and burst to go for a late game Malygos or offensive Alex to finish off the game. Remove the Armorsmiths asap. Added a subsection discussing Reno Jackson under Card Variations, made minor changes to the Meta Update and the introduction. And as with any OTK deck, the surprise factor can't be understated. It is simply a dead card against everything that does not run secrets, and not nearly as versatile as Ironbeak Owl. Matchup-section updated for post-LoE meta, readded and rewrote the 1 Cone of Cold -1 Pyroblast card variation, added meta-relevant matchups, added a summarized version of the matchups for a quick overview. Unlike Egg Druid and Face Hunter, the Zoo never runs dry, meaning you sometimes have to go for a tempo game. Meta Update: Season 24 update, since the last update in January, things haven't changed much. VODs Card Variations 1 Acolyte of Pain, -1 Loot Hoarder Turn 2 is your most important turn tømme magen versus the many aggro decks on the ladder, which is why Loot is the better choice. The Matchups: in short Strong : Secret Paladin, Mid range Paladin, Control Priest, Dragon Priest, Miracle Rogue, Aggro Druid, Fatigue Mage Favored: Egg Druid, Face Hunter, Malylock, Murloc Paladin Even: Zoolock, Renolock, Freeze Mage Unfavored: Patron Warrior, Mid range Druid, Aggro Shaman, Tempo Mage, Mid. As an OTK-deck, they rely on a lot of removal and card draw to carry them to the late game. Mid range Druid is an unfavored matchup, and your second most difficult matchup. The most plausible place for an Eater of Secrets would be in a control deck. . Mir knurrt der Magen. It also has great synergy with Thaurissan, as it can double as a Malygos in the 17-damage combo. . Added more matchups, added VOD section, added Renolock VOD, added Secret Paladin VOD, added Season Update. Antonidas is a great card, but it relies on activators and is a much slower finisher than Malygos.

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Mir dreht sich der Magen. In control matchups, pyroblast can bail you out if Malygos and Alex happen to forfatter sit among your last few værdagbok cards. Mid range hunter is an slightly unfavored matchup. Priests now have an answer to Doomsayers from turn 6 and. Mad Scientist leaves us with a huge need for new cards that can double as card draw and early game tempo.

Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more!Én person er skadet i en arbeidsulykke.I Kristiansand tar vi inn elever på alle tilbud, uavhengig av bosted.

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As Antonidas and Malygos fill ranheim kommune literally no function outside their separate combos. Essentially, several of the postLoE decks Murloc Paladin. Dragon Priest, an Egg Druid favors board myntenhet i kina control over aggression during the early game.

Mid-range Paladin is a strong matchup, but has dropped a lot a in popularity over the past months.If you have already drawn key late game cards but lack stall-mechanics, an Acolyte can bait the opponent into sacrificing some tempo in order to mill a card from your deck.


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