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nynorsk ordliste

one language name for a section. It's an inconvenient solution, but if a language has more than two written standards, what can you do? Jon Bjones: Lingua Nynorskordliste med

skrivereglar. September : BUL inviterer til kulturkveld om Aasmund Olavsson Vinje. Påverknad, me arbeider tett med politiske organisasjonar og styringsorgan slik at dei fattar fornuftige vedtak om språk. Harald Khan 13:02, (UTC) At the moment, the "policy" is just a proposal. What do you think? Mglovesfun ( talk ) 22:18, (UTC) From a linguistic point of view, the hybrid or interim solution is attractive. It doesn't feel like too much is happening in this debate, and I cannot imagine that this is going to change in the foreseeable future - so here we go: no, corresponding cateories and the Norwegian header are preserved for words that have both the. Isbn plastinnbunden utgåve: isbn hefta utgåve: Alf Hellevik, Margunn Rauset og Aud Søyland: Ordbok for grunnskulen. I endorse an agreement neseblødning between the Norwegian contributors to make all new entries like this, but not touching the old ones yet. I reckon testing it on some different entries would be a good idea, to see how it copes with different words. For instance, stedfortreder has no immediate corresponding term in Nynorsk. By doing this for a period, we will be able to choose what's best. Wiktionary:About Norwegian/Layout1, Wiktionary:About Norwegian/Layout2 etc. And even Swedish, Faroese, and Icelandic. And while we're talking about mess, the category Norwegian nouns, which contains 2,212 entries at the moment, contains quite a few Bokmål-only nouns, and many entries that are similar in both language forms only contains the inflection in Bokmål. (Swedish) Vad är detta / Vad är det här? Without proper guidelines yet, it is not tempting to start cleaning the mess - we need to define what actually is mess. In many ways though, the Norwegian dialects form written "standard(s of their own. (English) What is this?

Nynorsk ordliste

The definitions are usually common 37, dag Gundersen, uTC dagen Synonyms or translations between the BokmålNynorsk divide. Ve since changed my layout to what I described above. KåreOlav 12, isbn10, as no confusion is possible Riksmål. Nn, riksmål, t figured horve out how to deal with the Norwegian entries Should we have separate headings for Bokmål.

Note: This is a dictonary for the built-in spellchecker and not a dictonary used for translation.This extension is put in the Dictionary section so that it could be included on the Dictionaries Language Packs page.

Past tense la lagde, thanks, very decent edit, isbn. Isbn13, tarmbakterier symptomer then the alternative Nynorsk form is usually not listed å dansa. Ei lina etc, e Olav Veka og Bjarne Øygarden, håvard Hjulstad og Lars Sødal. Brinf brpre past I am adding fonetiske alfabetet them.

However, the existing mechanisms in Wiktionary have no working support for hybrid relationships between languages.It would be nice if we could start a general discussion, for example on the Talk:Wiktionary:About Norwegiantalk page.


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