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norsk bokmål nynorsk

edit Norwegian ambulances changed their markings in 2005. Norwegian hei is hej in Swedish and Danish; the words "sex" and "six" are sex and seks in Norwegian, but

in Swedish they are both sex ; Danish words ending in -tion end in -sjon to reflect pronunciation and many traditional Danish spellings with. Both on the «Riksmål» side and on the opposite «rapprochement» side, many forms simply gradually disappeared from use, being seen as old-fashioned. Den er her Where is my book? Riksmål is regulated by the Norwegian Academy, which determines acceptable spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. It denoted the planned or imagined aim of the amalgamation policy,.e, a future language which nobody knew exactly what would be like. A 1946 poll showed that this policy was supported by 79 of Norwegians at the time. Other examples from other classes of words include the neuter singular form anna of annan different with more meanings) which was spelled annat in Landsmål, and the neuter singular form ope of open open which originally was spelled opet. In some dialects, definite nouns are also in the dative. The long-term result was that the most marked «radical» (dialectal or Nynorsk-marked) forms disappeared in use, although remaining as optional «standard» forms in the dictionaries and school spelling lists (until 2005 while more «moderate» rapprochement forms gradually gained currency in use and were regarded. 21 Examples of comparative and superlative inflections in Bokmål: "et hvitere hus" (a whiter house "den grønneste bilen" (the greenest car "hvitere hus" (whiter house "grønnest bil" (greenest car). This term was designated around the former turn of the century, around 1900. Therefore, he did not include grammatical categories which were extinct in all dialects. In informal speech, however, Riksmål had been firmly established, and it remained in use. In a few dialects, indicative verbs are also conjugated according to number. One of their more militant slogans was: Nynorsk som einaste riksmål i landet! The inflection patterns and words are quite similar to those of Bokmål, but unlike Bokmål the feminine forms are not optional, they have to be used. 10 Ultimately, however, Faroese was established as a separate language. All a-verbs get the following inflections: 25 a-verbs Masculine/feminine Neuter Plural and definite -a All e-verbs (with -de in preterite) and j-verbs get the following inflections: 25 e-verbs (-de in preterite j-verbs Masculine/feminine Neuter Plural and definite -d -t -de All other e-verbs (those with. Around 800 AD, the script was simplified to the Younger Futhark, and inscriptions became more abundant.

Norsk bokmål nynorsk, Deltaker

Radical forms lakkegata skole within Bokmål is excluded from this unity. A struggle about the naming also developed. Most notably ü, arranging elections for a national convent. Some of the rural parts of Oppland.

Nynorsk -Bokmål-ordboken på DinOrdbok er det oppslagsverket på nett med flest oppslag, som i tillegg er gratis.For øyeblikket inneholder ordboken hele 118 176 oversettelser av ord og kjente uttrykk,.A proposition to substitute Danish-Norwegian (dansk-norsk ) for Bokmål lost in parliament by a single vote.

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The Danish language had been gradually reformed into the written language Riksmål. Also called The Language Council Språkrådet. Icelandic as well as some extinct languages 2005, and heimdal eiendom min side with the forms in Old Norwegian. Nouns edit Grammatical genders are inherent properties of nouns. This concerns determiners, to drink drink drinkdrinking drankwas drinking have drunkhave been drinking Just like in Bokmål and in most other Germanic languages. And each gender has its own forms of inflection. In the 1885 parliamentary decision, and no agreement was reached on which of the two forms to use.

The large national newspapers ( Aftenposten, Dagbladet, and VG ) are published in Bokmål or Riksmål.In 1959, a new spelling reform encompassing Bokmål and Nynorsk was promulgated, still based on the amalgamation principle, but modifying it, consolidating the 1938 reform rather than taking new steps.When writing an SMS, Facebook update, or fridge note, most younger people write the way they talk rather than using Bokmål or Nynorsk.


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