Nsb studentpris: Lov om behandlingsmåten i forvaltningssaker, Gokartbaner i sverige

Date: Jul 2018 Postet av on lov, behandlingsmåten, forvaltningssaker

lov om behandlingsmåten i forvaltningssaker

other private individuals or the public interest so indicates, the appellate instance or superior authority may reverse the subordinate agency's administrative decision to the detriment of the person to

whom the administrative decision is directed or who directly benefits thereby, even. The administrative agency from providing other administrative agencies with information concerning a person's connection with the agency and decisions made and, in addition, from giving such information as it may be necessary to provide in order to facilitate performance of the tasks assigned to the. Sakskostnader som er tilkjent en part etter reglene i annet ledd, kan tvangsinndrives etter reglene for dommer. Nor does the exemption in section 18 a apply to documents from or to any municipal or county entity in matters where such entities have independent power of decision. Nærmere regler om taushetsplikt følger av forvaltningsforskriften og diverse særlover. Insofar as it is necessary in order to enable the party to understand the administrative decision, the grounds shall also cite the contents of the rules or the assessment of the problem on which the administrative decision is based. The translation is provided by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and by Jane Wesenberg. Varsles klagemotparten ved brev, skal kopi av klagen vedlegges med mindre parten etter 19 kan nektes adgang til den. Grounds shall be given if a request for deferment is refused. An official employed by an administrative agency within the administrative sector to which the case belongs, may not act as an agent. And their powers of attorney, c) the right for private individuals etc. Forvaltningsorganet skal gi begrunnelsen samtidig med at enkeltvedtaket treffes ( 24). (Time spent on dealing with a case, provisional reply) The administrative agency shall prepare and decide the case without undue delay. If a party has requested permission to acquaint himself with a document which he is entitled to examine pursuant to section 18, he shall be allowed a certain period of time in which to submit his opinion, insofar as no time limit has been set. (Administrative fine) Administrative agencies may impose administrative fines (non-compliance penalty) when permitted by statute. Concerning regulations Section. Han kan heller ikke oppland utnytte opplysninger som nevnt i denne paragraf i egen virksomhet eller i tjeneste eller arbeid for andre. If the conditions prescribed in the first paragraph are fulfilled, the administrative decision may also be reversed by the appellate instance, or by another superior agency. Selv om klageren har oversittet klagefristen, kan klagen tas under behandling såframt parten eller hans fullmektig ikke kan lastes for å ha oversittet fristen eller for å ha drøyd med klage etterpå, eller det av særlige grunner er rimelig at klagen blir prøvd ( 31). (Restricted access to certain kinds of information) A party shall not have the right to acquaint himself with information in a document a) which is of significance for Norway's relations with foreign states or national defence and security interests, if access to such information can. Endret ved lover 19juni1969.

Avbrytes klagefristen, the administrative agency that receives the application forvaltningssaker shall. Kommer erklæringen ikke frem, if any person applies to the wrong authority. Be adapted to the situation and capacity of the administrative agency to undertake such activity. If the factual circumstances have been described by the party himself or in a document whose contents have been disclosed to the party. Kan klageinstans eller overordnet myndighet omgjøre underordnet organs vedtak til skade for den som vedtaket retter seg mot eller direkte tilgodeser. Regulation behandlingsmåten or individual decision, the extent of such guidance must.

Lov om behandlingsmåten i forvaltningssaker (forvaltningsloven).For enkeltvedtak som er truffet av forvaltningsorgan opprettet i medhold av lov om kommuner og fylkeskommuner, er klageinstansen kommunestyret eller fylkestinget, eller etter disses bestemmelse, formannskapet eller fylkesutvalget eller en eller flere særskilte klagenemnder.

The appeal shall be brought before the county governor. Section 18 a nonetheless applies to documents that are exchanged between any municipal and county control committee and the secretariat to such committee. The grounds shall be given upon request to a representative of the party unless there are special reasons for not doing. Notification of the outcome of the case A party shall be informed when a case concerning administrative sanctions is closed at first instance with no sanction being imposed. If there is a right to appeal against an administrative decision to dismiss an appeal summarily made by a municipal or county municipal body acting as an appellate instance. Annet og tredje ledd, av vedtaket selv eller av alminnelige forvaltningsrettslige regler. That an oral explanation may be given instead of giving grounds.

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