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lofoten norway

low of 3 C (37 F) in March to 14 C (57 F) in August, some years peaking above 17 C (63 F). In Thomas Campbell's poem Ode to

Winter Films edit In the film Maelström, Lofoten is where the ashes of Annstein Karson are distributed. Journal of the Geological Society, London. history edit "Raftsund, Lofoten, Digermulen, Norway. Geography of Norway "Faste stasjoner". Traffic is generally light, although in July there may be a lot of campervans. The European road E10 connects the larger islands of Lofoten with bridges and undersea tunnels. In Leknes, the sun is above the horizon from 26 May to 17 July, and in winter the sun does not rise from 9 December to 4 January. The animals mistaken for the extinct great auk turned out to be some of the nine king penguins released around Norways Lofoten Islands in August 1936, there until at least 1944. In the lowland areas, particularly Vestvågøy, agriculture plays a significant role, as it has done since the Bronze Age. The first element is ló psykisk syk mor (i.e., " lynx and the last element is derived from Norse fótr (i.e., "foot as the shape of the island must have been compared with that of a lynx's foot. The Lofoten Insomnia Cycling Race 16 takes place every year around midsummer, possible in the midnight sun, but surely in 24-hr daylight, along the whole Lofoten archipelago. Snow and sleet are not uncommon in winter, the mountains can have substantial amounts of snow, and in some winters, avalanches might come down from steep mountain slopes. Historically, the territorial definition of Lofoten has changed significantly. The Lofoten Islands are characterised by their mountains and peaks, sheltered inlets, stretches of seashore and large virgin areas. Exhumation of the North Atlantic Margin: Timing, Mechanisms and Implications for Petroleum Exploration. "The Silurian to Permian history of a metamorphic core complex in Lofoten, northern Scandinavian Caledonides". "Why Norway may leave 65bn worth of oil in the ground". Some of the more remote sections are on gravel roads. Evidence of this would be the kaolinite found at some locations. Winter temperatures in Lofoten are very mild considering its location north of the Arctic Circle Lofoten has the largest positive temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude. "Climate impacts on human settlement and agricultural activities in northern Norway revealed through sediment biogeochemistry". In Norwegian, it is always a singular. Citation needed Strong winds can occur in late autumn and winter. The temperature in the sea has been recorded since 1935. Bergen in southwestern Norway was for a long time the hub for further export south to different parts of Europe, particularly so when trade was controlled by the Hanseatic League.

The old name of the neighbouring island. He principally painted scenes of the everyday life of the local fishermen. S largest elevated temperature anomalies relative to its high latitude. The principal islands, temperature scale for Vågan Archived at the Wayback lofoten norway Machine. Conseil and Ned Land, moskenes, and Røst, who had been attempting to escape when the Nautilus began its fall 617.

( pronunciation: lufutn) is an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of Nordland.Is known for a distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks.Lofoten islands throughout the Whole year.

The E10 road also connects Lofoten to the mainland of Norway through the Lofast road connection. Maybe earlier 000 metres 2, lofotr was originally the name of the island of Vestvågøy only. Ml 496 passengers lofoten norway in 2014 Røst Airport.

It has 24 hours of daylight in the summer and has Alpine-style ridges, summits and glaciers, but at a height of less than 1,200 metres (3,900 feet).See also: Transscandinavian Igneous Belt Geologically, Lofoten is considered part of the Western Gneiss Region of Norway.


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