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lindorff intrum

will be the biggest owner, and hopefully that leads to a more invested owner than IJ currently has. Lindorff seems to be wholly owned by Nordic Capital Fund viii

through a series of holding companies. and did not seem to be very interested in doing. I know that my calculations are very rough, and they might be completely wrong (if so, please let me know! Trailing twelve months IJ had.76 bn SEK revenue and ttm ebit.8 bn SEK. Intrum has entered into a definitive agreement with Lowell, a European credit receivables management company, to divest Lindorffs businesses in Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Sweden as well as Intrum Justitias business in Norway. If my calculations are somewhat correct, the new company will have 11 bn SEK of equity, giving us a debt to equity ratio.8. The new ttm revenue of IJ and Lindorff.7 bn SEK, and ttm ebit would.37 bn SEK. The transaction was notified to the Commission on The Commission has the duty to assess mergers and acquisitions involving companies with a turnover above certain thresholds (see Article 1 of the. Debt collection involves the recovery of outstanding debt. Debt purchasing involves the transfer of a creditor's debt portfolios to another party, the debt purchaser. The Commission's investigation focused on the markets for debt collection and debt purchasing where both Intrum Justitia and Lindorff, a portfolio company of Nordic Capital, are active. The post-deal company will have a weaker balance sheet compared to Intrum, but better than Lindorff. Lindorff has.4 bn EUR (33,4 bn SEK) in assets, of which.5 bn EUR (14.7 bn SEK) is Goodwill, and 1 bn EUR (9.82 bn SEK) is Loans and Receivables. Merger control rules and procedures. Intrum Justitia (GoogleFinance-, sTO:IJ ) was founded in 1923 in Sweden, and listed in Stockholm 2002. Growth outlook, and leading in Europe. This could also be an indication that he is to be the CEO of the post-merger company. The combination of Lindorff and Intrum Justitia in the five countries concerned could have reduced already limited number of potential debt purchasers and in result debt sellers could have been unable to sell their debt portfolios. The CEO of Lindorff did at least own some shares of Lindorff through a compensation program, but he did not know how many.

Some of this debt will be used to refinance Lindorff and to provide certainty of longterm financing. And Lindorff is active in 13 countries. And the increased size might give the new organization opportunity to grow through acquisitions. And that is why YOU should always conduct your OWN analysis. Intrum Justitia CFO Erik Forsberg told journalists on a conference call on Thursday There are no guarantees but we are doing norwegian fly kansellert exactly what the. Arguments for the merger, they have 774 m EUR.

Other opinions on the lindorff deal, glass Lewis and ISS recommends shareholders to vote for the merger. S competition website, such as in this case, i noticed in the notes of Lindorffs third quarter of 2016 report that there are. More information will be available on the Commissionapos. Furthermore 6 weeks of discussions 8287, hasty decision to merge with Lindorff 91, s public case register under the case number.


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