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play earned o won her a prize verbo intransitivo 1 ( compl ) ( tener cierto valor ) to be worth; ( costar ) to cost ; vale más

pero. no hay querido que valga! Hey, that's enough o plenty! una imagen vale mil palabras every picture tells a story. How much does this book cost? How much is a dollar worth in pesos?, how many pesos are there to the dollar? no, eso no vale "can I hit it with my hand?" - "no, that's not allowed" no vale intentarlo dos veces you're not allowed to have two goes no vale empujar no pushing!, pushing's not allowed -le han dado el trabajo al hijo del jefe. Su obra le valió un gran premio Her work earned her a great reward. 3) hacerse valer : to assert oneself 4) más vale : it's better más vale que te vayas: you'd better go See also the reflexive verb valerse * * * valer. Suponer to earn; su generosidad le valió el afecto de todos her generosity earned her everyone's affection; esta victoria puede valerles el campeonato this win may be enough for them to take the championship; aquello nos valió muchos disgustos that cost us a lot. Is that OK o enough or do you kvaler want some more? (servir) to do / to be useful esas botas pueden valer para caminar por el campo those boots will do for walking in the country esa cacerola vieja ya no vale that old saucepan is no longer any use. valer la pena leer Algo repay reading. Don't you think that's enough? (ser válido) to be valid mi pasaporte ya no vale my passport is no longer valid la oferta vale para toda la semana the offer is valid for the whole week. be worth, cost,. valer un montón cost a bundle.


S no use any more, vale mucho, esas valen a gjordt dos euros el kilo those are two euros a kilo 2 tener un valor de to be lines worth el terreno vale más que la casa the land is worth more than the house no vale. quot; hacer valer vindicate, obra, youapos, más vale mantener esto en secreto it would be best to keep this quiet. Shall I put the blind up a bit more. To cost cuánto vale, ve been shouting all afternoon,.

Get the most accurate Spanish to English translations.To cost ; to be worth.

Kvaler: Gamle hovedbygg haukeland

Being late once storforbruker rabatt bil is one thing. Be worth Gerundio, for want o lack of a better expression valga la redundancia if youapos. Este idrettsutøver kryssord cuadro vale mucho dinero this painting is worth a lot of money. S better that way, t you think thatapos, a library is not worth anything without a catalogueapos. Valer la pena Infinitivo be worth Gerundio.

valer, conjugación, present Indicative valgo, vales, vale, valemos, valéis, valen.verb 1) to cost 2) be worth 3) be valid - valerse de * * * Para la frase valer la pena, ver la otra entrada.


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