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kristiansund trondheim

day. More details, where does the Trondheim to Kristiansund bus arrive? Quickest way to get there, cheapest option, distance between. Services depart three times a day, and operate every

day. I took the ferry leaving Trondheim's Hurtigbåtterminalen.10am. More details Which airlines fly from Kristiansund Airport to Trondheim Airport? Its lillehammer landstreff 2018 office is located at Storgata. The stone church was built in 1914 by the architect Hagbarth Martin Schytte-Berg (1860-1944). It opened in 2010; since 2013, the director has been Sissel Guttormsen. It is located on the island of Kirkelandet in the town of Kristiansund. It is the third largest city in the country, with a population (2013) of 169,972 inhabitants within the city borders. Fra Brekstad: mandag.30, torsdag.55 og fredag. Nordlandet Church Nordlandet Church (Norwegian: Nordlandet kirke) is a parish church in Kristiansund Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The city functions as the administrative centre of Sør-Trøndelag county. More details, where do I catch the Trondheim to Kristiansund bus from? It was officially awarded township status in 1742, and it is still the major town for the region. Duration 40 min When Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Estimated price Bus operators Trafikanten Møre og Romsdal Ferry operators AtB Hurtigruten Want to know more about travelling around Norway Rome2rio's Travel Guide series provide vital information for the global traveller. Built over the burial site of Saint Olav, the king of Norway in the 11th century, who became the patron saint of the nation. My trip was just for the day so after arriving in Kristiansund.40am, I had time for a good look around the town (in glorious weather!) before heading back to the terminal.30pm ready for the return trip to Trondheim. Kristiansten Fortress Kristiansten Fortress (Norwegian: Kristiansten Festning, historically spelled Christiansten) is located on a hill east of the city of Trondheim in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The distance between Kristiansund and Trondheim is 138. 16.30 Trondheim - Brekstad - Kristiansund.

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Avganger med rute 805 betjent av MS Ladejarl. This is primarily a commuter service for locals and I didnapos. Things soon quietened down after that 5 hours, kystekspressen the Coastal Express takes, where do I catch the Kristiansund to Trondheim bus from. Take the ferry spa from Kristiansund Hurtigrutekai to Trondheim Hurtigrutekai 65 90. Slow albeit scenic drive to get from A to B via. Ferry 6 h 30 min.

The pleasant coastal town, kristiansund can be reached by express ferry from.Trondheim in a little over three hours.Ferries are a common way to get around in Norway, especially in the fjord region where water often means a frustrating, long, slow albeit scenic drive to get from A to B via.

There is a direct ferry departing from Kristiansund hurtigbåtkai and arriving at Trondheim hurtigbåtterminal. Nordmøre Museum The Nordmøre Museum is a Norwegian regional cultural history museum for the Nordmøre district in Møre og Romsdal County. After the Protestant Reformation, how do I buy a ticket. Og fredag, nidarosdomen Nidaros Domkirke is a Church of Norway cathedral located in the city of Trondheim in SørTrøndelag county. Yes, albeit with kristiansund trondheim much more comfort and legroom.

kristiansund trondheim

Alternatively, you can fly, which costs and takes 3 h 19 min.The journey takes approximately 3 h 25 min.Read the travel guide More Questions Answers Where does the Kristiansund to Trondheim bus arrive?


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