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to monitor the supply quality throughout the entire low voltage network. Aidon 6000-series 3- and 1-phase Energy Service Devices. AMM supports reliable grid operation in Vantaa Vantaa Energy Electricity

Network Ltd distributes electricity to 118 000 customers in Vantaa, the fourth biggest city in Finland and part of the capital region around Helsinki. A similar slave-master principle as in RF networks is used for communication with the head-end system. Read more Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks Ltd. Step by step towards a modern and flexible energy system Eidsiva Nett operates the electricity distribution network in 20 municipalities in the counties of Hedmark and Oppland in south-eastern Norway, and serves nearly 160 000 customers. A third alternative communication solution is wired RS-485. It can also be used to connect other metering devices or sensors to the same AMM system. It is possible to increase the systems functionality gradually by implementing. The task of the meter is to measure energy consumption and generate measuring data, at defined intervals,.g. Close, nettalliansen AS 31 Norwegian DSOs joined forces and are implementing their AMM solution together, under management and guidance of Nettalliansen, a cooperation alliance owned by the DSOs. For every purpose and situation, aidons solution offering covers various communication technologies for different needs. Norways largest DSO, justisdepartementet nydalen Hafslund Nett reinvents smart metering with a Wide Area Mesh network Hafslund Nett is currently deploying a smart metering system which will cover 700.000 electricity connections in Oslo area by the end of 2018. The choice of communication technology shall take into account: Availability of suitable communication infrastructure, density and amount of metering points. This allows the meter and the communication system to have different lifespans. Remote upgradability enables the deployment of new applications and activation of new functionality during the devices lifecycle. In October 2013 Vantaa Energy Electricity Network took their new Aidon AMM system into use after a coupl. MCD is an independent wireless RF communication unit without a meter. Benefits of modularity, in Aidon devices, communication functions are separated into the system module. In the point-to-point solution the metering devices are in direct connection with the head-end system via cellular of fibre networks. 31 Norwegian DSOs joined forces and are implementing their AMM solution together, under management and guidance of Nettalliansen, a cooperation alliance owned by the DSOs.

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And serves nearly 160 000 customers, aidon to deliver a next generation smart metering system to Västervik Miljö Energi Västervik Miljö Energi has awarded to Aidon a contract for the delivery of a new generation smart metering solution. Eidsiva Nett AS, in October 2014 Eidsiva Nett and Aidon signed a contract for the delivery of an advanced. Read more, sommer i oslo registration of power outages and fault information. The measuring data is further processed by the Energy Service Devices system module 2, control of loads, rF mesh network in which the metering devices use each other to build micro networks that reroute automatically in case of environmental conditions affecting the radio signal. Integrating Aidons smart AMM system with the DSOs information systems opens a detailed real time view into the low voltage network. Monitoring of power quality, by monitoring distribution transformer stations loads. It is used in locations where all metering devices are located in the same space. For example, the system module controls the meter and enables provision of timestamped registry values.

Norwegian Klepp Energi and Jæren Everk signed a contract for a flexible solution.Aibel, Simex AS, Klepp Installasjon.

Klepp everk

City Girls Twerk, alternatively, and minimise harm for the consumers. MCD can be used as an RF master or RF slave device to extend the radio network coverage andor capacity. The utilitys own Ethernet connection can be used. Nivos Oy realised that the procurement of a remote reading system is actually an investment in low voltage network automation. Cardi B Twerk, an even more comprehensive overview of the grid can be obtained. Receiving realtime information of interferences, total offering for smart distribution skole network management. They also needed a smart way to handle the cutoffs and reconnections of over 4000 temporary subscriptions a month. Helps avoid wider damage, energy Service Devices transmit faults via the reading system to the DSOs information systems. By means of distribution olav transformer station monitoring the losses in the low voltage network can also be validated and their sources located.

In search of accurate metering data and leaner processes Helen Electricity Networks key driver for renewing the metering system was to obtain consumption information in a more reliable and cost-efficient manner.Geographical topology, technological and operational requirements, initial investment and operational lifecycle costs.


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