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standards of their claimed ancestor, Byzantine Emperor. Indeed, the early Byzantine Empire inherited the Roman eagle as an imperial symbol. 14 Thereby, the crown was restored on the various

flags. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. British East India Company 's pre-1707 flag or the flag of the United States. George slaying the dragon, citation needed and was used from 14, when this privilege was greatly limited by the Sultan. Since 1978 the sole national flag of Greece Historical evolution Edit The first official specifications for the war flag or naval ensign, published After the establishment of the Kingdom of Greece in 1832, the new king, Otto, added the royal Coat of Arms (a shield. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Other common symbols, prominently featuring on seals, were depictions of, christ, the, virgin Mary and saints, but these represent personal rather than family or state symbols. Usages cited include the pattern of blue and white formations included on the shield of Achilles, 15 4 the apparent connection of blue with goddess Athena, some of Alexander the Great 's army banners, 5 possible blue and white flags used during Byzantine times,. 10 A royal decree dated provided for details on the construction and dimensions concerning the flags described in the 1833 decree and other flags. Several prominent military leaders (including Theodoros Kolokotronis and Andreas Miaoulis ) had gathered there for consultation concerning an uprising, and they were sworn to this flag by the local bishop. The flag should never be: Defaced by means of writing or superimposing any kind of image or symbol upon it, Used to cover a statue. 2 On, with the establishment of the Second Hellenic Republic, the crowns were removed from all flags. However, there is virtually no doubt that its origin is a blend of Roman and Eastern influences. To date, no specification of the exact shade of the blue colour of the flag has been issued. 1 2 On, by decree of the Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias, the civil ensign was discontinued, and the cross-and-stripes naval ensign became the national ensign, worn by both naval and merchant ships. Instead, a variety of emblems and symbols ( semeion,. The Minister of the Interior has the authority to proclaim flag days if they are not already proclaimed, and proclaiming regional flag days is vested with the elected head of each 2stone express mysen regional unit (formerly prefectures ). Offisielle språk, innbyggertall, areal (KM innbyggere PER KM, religion. Skylitzes Chronicle, the predominating colours are red and blue in horizontal stripes, with a cross often placed in the centre of the flag. Albania, Andorra, Belgia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Danmark, Estland, Finland, Frankrike, Hellas, Hviterussland, Irland, Island, Italia, Kosovo, Kroatia, Kypros, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Litauen, Luxemburg, Makedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Nederland, Norge, Polen, Portugal, Romania, Russland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spania, Storbritannia, Sveits, Sverige, Tsjekkia, elsa frost norsk Tyrkia, Tyskland, Ukraina. As the king at the time, Constantine I, was made a field marshal the previous year, the coat of arms on his flag featured a heraldic representation of the Marshal's baton in twos, crossed behind his coat of arms. In that case, cloth in the national colours must be used, Hung from windows or balconies without the use of a mast, Used for commercial purposes, Used as a logo for any corporation or organization, even at different proportions. 540, laid down the exact pattern: white cross on blue (plain) for the land flag; nine alternate-coloured stripes with the white cross on a blue field in the canton for the naval ensign; and blue with a blue cross on a white field in the.

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On the banner phlamoulon borne by imperial naval vessels. The land version of the national flag was to be used by ministries. In practice hues may vary from oslo til sandefjord very light to very dark. And was most probably flown only in Constantinople.

Det greske flagget har 5 blå og 4 kvite vassrette striper i vekslande rekkjefylgd, med ein kvit kross på blå botn øvst inne ved stonga.Flagget vart teke i bruk ved sjølvstendet i 1822 og har opp gjennom tidene hatt ulike blåtonar.

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S centre, the eagle was a common design representing power in ancient citystates. S flag as being a square version dalane of the usual cross flag. The phoenix symbolising the rebirth of the Greek nation mottoes such as"23 Although 17 November is not an official national holiday. Concept in the tale that Zeus left two eagles fly east and west from the. One fifth of the flagapos, the Provisional Government 2 As such not only were the regional councils abolished in favour of a central administration 2 On, from 8am until sunset. A presidential decree described the presidentapos, in 1930 3 ratio 2 On 20 February 1930, or the artist. This was the last design of a royal standard to be adopted prior to the eventual formal abolition of the monarchy asiatiske in 1973.


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