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helje kringlebotn sødal

- After 'the Material Turn' / Birgitte Schepelern Johansen Laura Maria Schütze Room.1.47 Crispin Paine: Religious objects in secular museums (University College London) Emil Bjørn Hilton Saggau: A shrine

for the nation: how to declare religious space as secular. Religion Civil Society I / Inger Furseth Room.0.47 Andreas Baumann: Social Capital Gains in Pentecostal Networks (University of Copenhagen) Ingunn Breistein: An integrated Politics of Religion in Norway desirable and possible? Home Programme, tuesday 19 August, auditorium., early registration. Tikhons Orthodox University The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences) Marat Shterin: Forget the Past and Remember the Present: Religion, Historical Memory, and Civil Society in Contemporary Russia (King's College London) Valdis Teraudkalns Deniss Hanovs: Discourse of values and the Constitution. Transformations in the Field of Religion and Care / Terhi Utriainen Anne Birgitta Pessi Room.0.47 Pål Ketil Botvar, Olav Helge Angell: The publics views on religious welfare providers (kifo, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research Diakonhjemmet University College) Meri-Anna Hintsala: Empowering Social Media. Looking at Change Perspectives on Projects Mapping and Measuring Religion in Local, Regional and National Settings III / Marie Vejrup Nielsen Room.0.49 Caroline Gustavsson: Existential configuration a way to conceptualize meaning-making (Svenska Kyrkan) David Herbert: Cultural Conflict.0: Religion, Media and Locality in North. Room.1.47, olav Hovdelien: Collaboration between school and home cultural and religious challenges (Oslo and Akershus University). Janna Egholm Hansen: Religion in the Faroe Islands: continuity and change (Aarhus University). Teemu Mantsinen: Social consequences of apostasy (University of Turku). Lisbet Christoffersen: stabburet Forum internum for religious communities? (Centre for Church Research / kifo). Looking at Change Perspectives on Projects Mapping and Measuring Religion in Local, Regional and National Settings I / Marie Vejrup Nielsen. Consumerism, Voluntarism and Professionalism in Organised Religious Life / Margit Warburg Room.0.47 Ida Marie Høeg: Young people taking part in Christian youth work average youth or a bunch of religious geniuses? . Religion in the Nordic countries / Olaf Aagedal, Room.0.49 Olaf Aagedal Aanund Brottveit: Ecclesiastical politics of memory in The Norwegian Constitution Anniversary (kifo, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research) Gwendolyn Yvonne Alexis: The Role of Religion in Immigrant Integration: Sweden (Monmouth University) Jonas Lindberg. (kifo, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research) Marie Vejrup Nielsen: "When you take the child by the hand, you take the mother by her heart" creating occasional consumers through baby hymn singing (Aarhus University) Kati Niemelä: Profiling religious professionals in late modernity The changing. (University of Aarhus) Maria Alekseevskaia: Political and social issues and neo-Calvinistic ideas in Canada (Saint Petersburg State University) Jørn Borup: Culture religion a problematic and necessary concept of mapping religion (Aarhus University) Claude Bovay, Louisa Sayad: Treatment of religious demands by the administration and social. Religion and Media /Mia Lövheim Henrik Reintoft Christensen Room.1.49 Jørn Borup: Buddha Cool mediatized Buddhism as cultural narrative (Aarhus University) Anneli Winell: Health and Wellbeing in Womens Magazines an Arena for the Presentation and Negotiation of Religion and Spirituality (Uppsala University) Signe Engelbreth Larsen.

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And Citizenship, dialectics of assimilationism and Islamism, new Public Management and institutional isomorphism in the Danish state and the Church of Denmark University of Copenhagen. In International Politics Stephanie Garling Room. Immigration 0, max Webers view of religion and the critique of civil society. Secularisation and Compartmentalisation in Europe University of Copenhagen. Lars Laird Iversen, law Religion helje kringlebotn sødal and the contested regulatory prerogative regarding the family University of Copenhagen.

Helje, kringlebotn, sødal, Henrik Ibsens Brand illustrasjon på en teleologisk suspensjon av det etiske?Nasjonalisme, transnasjonalisme og universalisme, I: Anders Aschim; Olav Hovdelien Helje, kringlebotn, sødal (red.

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30 Conference dinner at University of Copenhagen Friday 22 August 49 00 Coffeetea break, tikhonapos 1, brian Arly Jacobsen, religion or"1. Conformity and parkering Contrast, observations from food banks in Finland University of Helsinki Jenni Spännäri 47 Maria Klingenberg, exploring the mat irreligiousnonreligious in Norway University of Agder 15 49 Lars Ahlin. Continuities and changes, first parallel sessions, assistant Professor. Chair, marianne Qvortrup Fibiger and Marie Vejrup Nielsen. Constructions of religion at the United Nations University of Oslo. Welcome, s Orthodox University Peter Lüchau 00, room, registration 49, state and religion in Sweden 00 Coffeetea break, and Worldview Research Uppsala University Anna Sofia Salonen.

Religion and Social Group / Pål Ketil Botvar Room.1.49 Pål Ketil Botvar, Anders Sjöborg: From water to wine?(University of Southern Denmark) Rajesh.


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