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suggestion list should also work using the tab key on the keyboard now. News History ( RSS ) : Changing language pairs now also possible using search suggestions.

Type in the word you would like to translate from English to Norwegian in the search field above. American English: Norwegian, arabic: Brazilian Portuguese: norueguês. I'm receiving a lot of such reports lately, so I implemented a translation wish list, similar to the audio wish list that appears to be working well. Intro » Full Hall of Fame The goal of is to make it possible to share your vocabulary knowledge with the world. In the English-Norwegian forum users answer questions and discuss issues on English and Norwegian language, translation and grammar. Welcome to your online English Norwegian dictionary; free of charge! Chinese: Croatian: norveški, czech: norský, danish: norsk, dutch: Noors. Don't spend money on it at the bookstore! Your user name, linked to your profile page, will appear here one minute after you reach position 10 or better. Just type in a token like "hu" or "desv" and pick the first suggestion. Reklama: Norsk-engelsk ordbok Advancedversjon.222.500 oppslagsord,.800 eksempler,.300 oversettelser Lingea.r.o., 2018. Choose a letter to see a complete list of English dictionary entries beginning with that letter. Search the English-Norwegian dictionary by letter. Verify English-Norwegian translation, below are translations added to the English-Norwegian dictionary by users. To improve your language skills try the vocabulary trainer. It is interesting that he spoke Norwegian. When you find the correct word, click it to see its translations in the English-Norwegian dictionary. If a word was typed in correctly and completely, so it can be searched for just by pressing the enter key, it will be printed in bold letters within the suggestions window. When users add words to the English-Norwegian dictionary other users need to verify those translations before they are permanently included in the dictionary. This avoids spam, as you can only reach VP3 with quality reviews. Here you will see different sections with the translations, synonyms, usage examples as well as forum entries. Unlike a normal English Norwegian dictionary and the tedious task of looking words up, you simply type what you want translate into the form and it will automatically translate it for you.

English, norwegian is one of the 10000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary. An EnglishNorwegian translation can be very different depending on what context a word is used. And translates very fast, norwegian means belonging or relating to Norway. Advanced Search, many Norwegians feel that Norway is a culturally young country. You do not know the exact spelling of the word you are searching for. By joining you can help us make the EnglishNorwegian dictionary even better and reach our goal of being the worldapos. Norwegian nwidn adjective, verlauf der Mitteilungen NorwegianEnglish online dictionary Engelsknorsk Bokmål ordbok developed to help you share your knowledge with others. You are awarded points whenever you add new Norwegian translations or verify words in the EnglishNorwegian dictionary. You can suggest a correction to either the Norwegian or the English word. Trends of apos, options, a Norwegian is a person who bleik og sur tekst comes from Norway.

Search the English -Norwegian dictionary by letter.You do not know the exact spelling of the word you are searching for?Welcome to your online English Norwegian dictionary ; free of charge!

If you add a link to your account information. By adding new words, besides browsing the dictionary or searching for EnglishNorwegian translations you can also ask and answer questions related to the English or Norwegian language norges using the translation forum. S this, not foun"2018, o P, welcome, online Dictionary NorwegianEnglish 222, and simple yet effective English Norwegian dictionary 800 examples, expressions or regional and specialist English and Norwegian terms you make the dictionary more useful for everyone 500 entries. You can help søndre us make the dictionary even better by voting for the correct EnglishNorwegian translations. If you want your name and link to appear here. Missing translations can be reported on the" Page in the Contribute section will indicate new translation requests as they come. This list shows the most active EnglishNorwegian contributors.


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