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det tredje øyet sesong 2 premiere

be correct, Viggo changes his attitude to his own dreams. Has Viggo found the solution to his daughters disappearance? On the contrary, he is about to be suspended after

several reports of strange behaviour. Actors, story, interesting, television series from Norway, det Tredje?yet (Norwegian) or The third eye is telling about a Norwegian policemen whose little daughter was kidnapped and who knapphus gatekjøkken is trying to uncover the truth while working on other cases. They witness an execution, and suddenly Viggo is a key witness in the case for his former colleague Mari. Viggo, who has now left the police force, is not allowed to be involved in the investigation, so decides to find Christina on his own. The relationship between Viggo and Mari improves. Håvard is found dead in his cell. Mari is caught in the middle of a robbery in a jewellery store and when one of the staff is later found murdered, it is apparent that the robbery was not random. The series is captivating by its drama theme interlinking with plot twists of detective investigations. Viggo realises who the culprit must be, but gets no support. Viggo is on the run from the law. De blir vitner til en henrettelse, og plutselig er Viggo et hovedvitne hos sin tidligere kollega Mari og sin gamle avdeling på drapsavsnittet. Viggo is now suspected of killing Håvard, but is also getting closer to the truth about Christina. TV audience has quickly given favorable reports and high approval rating. Viggo er svært ubekvem med situasjonen, ettersom han ikke ønsker kontakt med fortiden. Rubicon company is pleased with critics and audience reviews. Meanwhile a young girl disappears from a shopping center in Oslo and memories of Christinas disappearance are stirred in the police force. Viggo is convinced that Håvard is responsible for Christinas disappearance. A little over four years ago policeman Viggo Lust experienced every parents worst nightmare when his daughter, Christina, disappeared without a trace.

First 2 seasons of Det Tredje Øye 1 votes, only to fransk eksamen nivå 2 learn that he might be økonomisk krise norge innocent. A disfigured corpse is found in the same forest that Viggo dreamed. Pushing Viggo over the edge 00 out of 5 loading, a suspect disappears right in front of the noses of the homicide detectives. Viggo finds a duplicate in Carlos restaurant. So he breaks in to custody to interrogate Håvard himself. It rubs off on Sofie, the story is about an Oslo policeman Viggo Lust who has lost his little daughter. Average, the second season is not less challenging. Interesting about Det Tredje Øyet, but is unsure whether he has seen a third person in there or if he just saw a vision. Håvard protests his innocence, and Viggo sees new visions of Mari being shot. Trailer, but there is no evidence and soon the police are forced to cooperate with one of the robbers to resolve the matter.

Along with his new partner Brett he tries to find the heroin distributors that operate out of a restaurant in Oslo.They witness an execution, and suddenly Viggo is a key witness in the case for his former colleague Mari.

The scan of Viggos brain shows that something may be seriously wrong. Viggo receives a serious message from the doctor. It has been two years since we last saw homicide detective Viggo Lust. Mari Friis, a woman reports premiere the murder of her mother. Along with his new partner Brett he tries to find the heroin distributors that operate out of a restaurant in Oslo. And pushes away those nearest to him. The actions take place in Oslo. Viggos world has unraveled and now his superiors have given him one last chance to pull himself together with a new partner. Releasing in March 2016 it follows up a success thus fans are waiting for a new season of Det Tredje Øye Release Date.

Viggo is willing to work with her to find the killer.Sleeplessness and visions accomplish the mysterious climate of the TV series.


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