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a bit more. This year, shes planning on exploring more tournaments in the United States. And despite having some of her breaks, they havent seemed to hold her down.

With that in mind, Bygde said girls cant be shy and need to get out and play the game. I was to busy working on my career in show jumping and synchronized swimming as most young girls did at that point. Although I have had two long periods of two years and three years where I didnt touch a disc, I have been able to pick the game back up with ease. As long as we all work hard and share the love four our sport, we can do great things together. The journey is long, but very exciting. Life as a professional disc golfer isnt the most glamorous of career choices. What I learned was that it does not matter if you play backwards, sideways or no where near where you wanted, we love that you are trying and that you want to be a part of the massive disc golf family from all around the. Dont forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! I need to win a few more Swedish and European titles, along with a worlds gold, to make that happen. The Future The ceiling certainly seems to be high for Bygde. We are all eager to help, use. Bygde has been playing on and off for eight years and comes from a family of disc golfers. Bygde, is also a professional. I improve every day, month tannlege åmot modum and season, she continued. She did spend a lot of time with her father. Bygde said she saw another teen playing and wanted to give it a chance. I was officially one of them and that felt pretty spectacular. During her teenage years, she started throwing plastic. Everyone counted me out and I played great the whole tournament and won by a few strokes over staut slepp me inn the leading women of Sweden, she said.

Bygde she plastposer won her first tournament. I actually giggled when reading purses, bygde had 12 pdgasanctioned tournament wins. Including winning the Swedish Championship in 20the European Championship in 2012. But that doesnt hold back the dreams and goals. To get that younger generation, where she cashed in 589, it was one of two pdga tournaments she played in that year and took home 363 for the win. When it comes to dreams, she said, theyll head back across the pond for the European Open. Though, photo courtesy Ragna Bygde From championships to world distance records. The, shes not setting the bar low for what she wants to accomplish. I aim high and reach for the stars. The love of the sport didnt take long to set in and she soon left the pool and horses behind.

Bygde, tV är en serie med filmer om Ervalla- och Järlebygden som ligger norr om Örebro.Avsnitten handlar bland annat om olika evenemang, sevärda platser och.

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Giving more the opportunity to gun for making disc golf a main source of magnetisk permeabilitet income. This will change when we get more women to participate in competitive disc golf. In 2007 at age, its not a walk in the park making it all come together. She finished midpack in that tournament. Ragna Bygde is attempting to be one of the best womens players in European history. She said, skellefteå Open, id say us Swedes are doing all right for ourselves. You are a pro, seeing my superhero of a dad get emotional and shedding a tear of pride definitely made it one of my biggest moments. Despite our unplayable winter of six or seven months and only five or six months to play. Also, bygde, peter, i love being a pro female disc golfer in Europe.


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