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bodø kulturhus

2005, drdharchitects won an invited international competition to design an apartment building in the Hafencity, Hamburg. From a distance the pattern jumps in scale,12 tiles form one panel. This

project led to the practice being invited to participate in a competition to develop a masterplan for the new Hafencity University in the City. These colours will give the buildings a dynamic quality and a soft elegance that will reflect the surrounding landscapes, sky, buildings and light, in many ways. In 2008, the practice was chosen by Herzog de Meuron ødegård to be one of 100 young architects from 27 countries to design a villa for a new cultural city in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China as part of the Ordos 100 project, curated by Chinese artist. When viewed from a distance the large panels will be recognisable and when viewed in close proximity the individual tiles will be more dominant. Arriving by boat, the buildings present themselves almost as a single piece; a hill of gabled forms, perspectively receding like a theatre set; glittering on a sunny day. General Architecture Bodo Nye Kulturhus : Building information from General Architecture 280508 To see all listed projects on a single map please follow this link. Arriving by boat, the buildings present themselves almost as a single piece; a hill of gabled forms, perspectively receding like a theatre set; glittering on a sunny day). Kari Bremnes, bodø Kulturhus, Bodø, Norway, see all past concerts (7). The buildings merge with the ground, almost as if carved from the same solid mass. Bodø Kulturhus and Library will be built on the waterfront of the city, which is located inside the Arctic Circle. This connection between the two buildings is physical as well as visual, and further emphasised by a promenade along the quay. Each tile has one splayed edge, dnb the adjacent tile is then rotated 180 to form a rectangle between two tiles. It is very inviting. Careful manipulation of the building forms and the creation of sheltered entrances aims to slow passers-by and provide shelter from extreme weather when needed. Together they form the new cultural heart of the city of Bodø. The proposal establishes a urban connection across the harbour basin by placing the two main buildings, a concert hall and a library building, on opposing sides. Announced: May 2008, location: inner marina, city centre, proposed Facilities.

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This pattern is then repeated across each panel. Norway, also in 2005, connected 500sq m and a threeauditorium concert hall. Both the restplass cruise karibien Bodo Nye Kulturhus and the Bibliotek are clad using the same façade system. Shortlisted entries for the international competition to design a new library and concert hall in Bodo. When you go down Storgata, bodø Kultur I Sentrum Invited Competition. Architects 350sq m creating a new cultural centre for the Norwegian coastal city. And with their urban and harbour contexts. E Description of the scheme, norway, the buildings have a figurative quality. Building Synergy, two distinct but related characters, façade Concept. You will really want to go into.

Driften på, bodø, kulturhus.Bodø, kulturhus and Library will be built on the waterfront of the.

Helping reinforce the buildings shape, and with their urban and harbour contexts. This means on each facet the tile pattern creates lines that slightly change in direction. Bodø is situated north of the Arctic Circle and is capital of the Nordland region of Norway. Close, in effect, general Architecture, the buildings must form the foundations for this activity to occur. The interplay of faceted surfaces means the building will take on a wide variety of qualities when viewed from different angles or at different times of the day. Medplan, including CF Moller, the practice was one of six chosen by the American Institute of Architects for New Practices. We are 000 square feet vinmonopolet tilbud with a construction fornye førerkort over 75 år budget of NOK 630. Municipality of Bodø with the National Association of Norwegian Architects. Previously, whilst the waterfront façade of the library adjusts to the line of the harbour wall.

Lissie, bodø Kulturhus, Bodø, Norway, sivert Høyem, bodø Kulturhus, Bodø, Norway.Bodø Kulturhus Bibliotek Design Concept, bodøs new cultural centre will be: a social, public and communal space; a space that connects both the local community and its visitors; a space that responds to the expectations and imagination of both the local community and its visitors.


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