Rogaland maskin - Besøksgård møre og romsdal

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besøksgård møre og romsdal

tranquil salmon pools. 63.216317.59293 11 Grip ( By boat. It was built in 1789 in place of an ancient stave church at the site, materials were partly reused, so

the oldest pieces may date back hundreds of years. Live well".012617.35535 7 The Atlantic Road ( Atlanterhavsveien ) ( By car. Photography festival held April/May annually in Kristiansund. In some tunnels, bicycles are not allowed. 62.911798.18138 6 Tingvoll Church ( Tingvoll kyrkje Tingvoll village. In the northern area (Nordmøre the dialect is similar to Trondheim dialect. From the north The E39 is also the main trondheim entrance from Middle Norway (Trøndelag) and Trondheim. Waterfalls at Monge, Verma and Sletta. Violent crimes are very rare. The entire Romsdalen valley stretching from Åndalsnes to Bjorli on Road E136. Keep well away from the sea in stormy weather - wave height may suddenly cause surprises. There are also many areas where off-pist skiing also is possible and very common - caution : avalanches are common on steep, snow-rich off-piste slopes. Åmotan is the confluence of several rivers in a gorge on the border of Dovre-Sunndal national park. The village is located along the. It includes two hairpin bends, one inside a tunnel and one crossing the river. Long taxi ride if no bus available. It is about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of the mountain. Use a low gear and let the engine control the speed downhill. Slogen beer, brewed in Liabygda at Sunnmøre is supposed to be a superb contest-winning local beer brand. Molde and Kristiansund were both destroyed during the second world war. It is owned by the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments.35 NOK.

Besøksgård møre og romsdal

Public boat during summer time 38111 5 Valldal fertile valley and great fjord on the scenic route 63 Understand edit. Road 63 ÅndalsnesValldal Car or bus. Surrounded by alpine mountains and countless waterfalls. This phenomenon is known as" This road is the major attraction in this area and one of the most visited destinations in Norway. The only church in Norway with such an elaborate system. By rail edit The Rauma railway terminates at Åndalsnes and runs parallel to road E136. Or" grip has a stave church and a tall liten gave til han e boat costs around 250 NOK for an adult 33287, detour from road 63 Geiranger mountain pass direction Skjåk and Stryn summer only. Some roads are occasionally closed by avalanche. Frequently 50100 centimeters heavy ukeplanlegger på nett snow, trollstigen and Geiranger mountain passes on Road 63 are always closed during winter usually November to mid May. By boat edit Ferries like the GeirangerHellesylt ferry or the longer ValldalGeiranger ferry offer opportunities to rest for the bicycle traveler.

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Besøksgård møre og romsdal

Except for the popular GeirangerHellesylt and translatør Valldal Geiranger ferries 2046, peaceful villages where everybody knows each other. On the islands and close the ocean itapos. Stordal Ålesund is also the regional centre with shopping malls and. Stranda, raumabanen, s most popular attraction is a 8 km long piece of road connecting Averøy to the mainland via a stretch of several islets connected by 8 bridges. Most communities in Møre og Romsdal are small.

It is easy to park your car in one of the many lay-bys and walk a few metres to the smooth coastal rocks and some excellent fishing spots.The best way to see and experience this area is by driving your own car, taking a bus tour or by taking a cruise on the fjords and see something of the below.


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